Mining Minders

Raghava Prasad | VP - Offshore Delivery and Customer Success

Data is the new oil”. Process mining helps to capitalize this. In any organization today, there are many processes. #appian #processmining helps in identifying the current process flows in your organization Vs what are the best processes to be implemented to streamline activities. In this hackathon, we used #rpa bots in #appian platform that helped automate the data extraction very quickly and built dynamic reports in real time.

The objective of this hackathon was to increase continuous process improvements in SMB & enterprises by automating #processmining. This was done through the following activities:

1.Prepare the #data that is available and create event logs from it.

2.Mining these #data through suitable #KPIs & #processmodels

3.Optimize the #processes from the mined data, monitor and optimize them.

The hackathon was focused on how to find and fix the bottlenecks in various #workflows in the organizations, monitor these workflows and continuously keep improving them based on organization demand and growth path.

The highlight of this hackathon was that the team adopted 2 types of mining models, namely:

1.Data driven model

wherein all the required data was already available in the database, do a detailed #datamining, extract #eventlogs, identified the bottle necks and optimized the workflows.

2.Process driven model -

wherein data was not yet there in the database as the processes were still in progress. Intermittent data was collected using #appian #rpa #bots and provided detailed insights on the processes which enabled to identify bottle necks in the work flows.

In both the above models, the #appian #rpa bots enabled process mining and helped arrive at the current “discovered model”. This eventually helped generate the target model for these workflows and optimize them quickly. The team was able to schedule the data mining process utilizing the #appian scheduler.

Benefits out of this solution includes:

  • Reducing spend on #capex and #opex .
  • Significantly increase operational efficiency in an organization.
  • Accelerate the #digitaltransformation journey.
  • Ensure continuous process improvements.
  • Minimizing #risks & increasing productivity across the organization.

The “Mining Minders” solution was built in just 2 weeks using the power of #appian. This includes the time required for integrating with #appian #rpa #bots as well.

In real world scenarios, this kind of solution would be useful in industries such as the ones given below which frequently looks at process improvements.

to name a few..