IoT connected systems

Raghava Prasad | VP - Offshore Delivery and Customer Success

The team built an amazing IoT based Connected Systems wherein we integrated #appian with IoT device #raspberrypi . The idea was to ensure employee safety protocols & showcase non-invasive temperature monitoring of people & the perishable goods in a Warehouse.

The solution built helped identify the person who entered the warehouse using a camera, check if the person is adhering to all the safety protocols as defined by the organization such as, wearing a face mask, wearing gloves on both the hands, wearing a helmet & should have body temperatures that are within permissible limits. The interesting part was to also identify and check the temperature of the fruits that were brought in through open large trolleys. #appian case were created based on each of these parameters to enable case management that follow beyond this point.

The application was built very seamlessly so that it was exactly able to identify the person, call out the discrepancy in safety protocol (as a part of the hackathon, the person was wearing only 1 glove in the left hand and the other hand did not have the glove & a case was created), exactly identified the temperature of the person and above all captured the temperature of the fruits that was brought in. All this was reported as a part of the case management through the Appian application. It all happened very seamlessly with no hindrance. The best part was bringing in #ai which was able to identify the person & the fruits that was brought in to help strengthen the case. The solution built using #ai would help in training the solution for future usage and substantially increase performance.

Power of #appian :

This solution that was built on #appian , instantaneously captured all the above-mentioned parameters such as record the photograph of the persons & fruits, measure their temperatures and send it to the concerned team for evaluation and proceed further. #appian is such a powerful #lowcode platform that we were able to complete the whole solution in just 2 weeks.

Some of the real-world use cases that we can think of as an extension of this would be in the areas such as:

1.Travel & Hospitality -

where we can automate the entire check-in process of a customer walking into the front office.

2.Supply chain -

wherein we can do predictive maintenance of the temperature-controlled appliances and do cold chain management.

3.Incident reporting -

in organizations where certain important near misses go unnoticed and cause problems in the future.