Our Leadership

Vijay Poondy

Managing Director

Vijay Poondy is the Managing Director of Yexle and brings over 28 years of experience in consulting, solutions analysis, delivery management of very large digital transformation, process automation initiatives. He is a strong proponent of low-code technologies and has been instrumental in delivering IT change to many organisations and delivering value to customers globally

Matt Brook

Global Head of Sales and CS

Matt comes with over 20 years of experience in digital transformation, business leadership and enterprise technology consulting, enjoys setting strategic direction, leading people and doing business across the globe. He is based in the UK and spent 10+ years leading the Appian Customer Success teams across Europe, Middle East and Australia

Sagar Lodha

Head of Technology and Competency

Sagar comes with over 12 years of experience in digital transformation, enterprise technology implementation, consulting, building Centers of Excellence and competency enablement across organisations. He has been instrumental in delivering many successful Appian implementations globally

Raghava Prasad

Vice President - Offshore Delivery and CS

With over 27 years of experience in the IT industry, Raghava has helped customers in their digital transformation journey and solved many of their complex delivery challenges. He has helped open new markets and business opportunities, mentored several teams to overcome delivery challenges, driven upskill initiatives and demonstrated value across customer engagements

Priya Bhogineni

Head of HR and Recruitment

Priya is a self-driven, innovative, and a passionate leader. She comes with diversified experience and expertise in working and leading several IT support functions. She strives every day in every possible way to keep Yexle’s workplace a happy, engaging, supporting, and encouraging environment to the employees. Her Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is an added advantage that helps in nurturing Yexle's relationships with employees, candidates and vendors


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