Insights Driven Operation Transformation (IDOX)

Raghava Prasad | VP - Offshore Delivery and Customer Success

Organizations need to gather #data & do a lot of analysis on it. The idea of this #hackathon was to build the IDOX framework using #appian in order to understand data, capture insights & track the transformation. However, there were few challenges to be addressed, namely:

  • How do we gather meaningful #data in order to provide insights.
  • Whom to gather the #data from and what is the methodology for that.
  • Which data is important of all the #data that is available.
  • How to convert #data into meaningful business value to address the pain points.
  • How do we prioritize these into recommendations, #transformation initiatives across various processes, people & #technology.
  • Most importantly, how to constantly monitor #transformation.

Some of the key features of the IDOX framework were:


  • Identify Ops areas.
  • Roll out surveys.
  • Gather insights.
  • Prioritize initiatives.
  • Identify from Whom to gather the data & what & how to gather data.


  • Prioritize the areas that needs to be addressed.
  • Identify the tools that are required.
  • Identify the tech drivers.
  • Define business, operations & their strategies.
  • Benchmark As-Is.


  • Goals + KPI definitions (To-Be Goals)
  • Prepare business case.
  • Business, finance implementation plan.
  • Prioritize the insights.
  • Replace / enhance / train – suggesting recommendations.
  • Board approvals.


  • Kick off identified initiatives.
  • Implement within the stipulated time frame.
  • Project tracking.
  • Compare the As-Is Vs To-Be.

Measure & Monitor

  • Re-roll surveys.
  • Refine benchmarks.
  • Measure & monitor the As-Is Vs Current.
  • Gather CSATs.
  • Trend matching.
  • MIS, Reports.

IDOX framework used #appian #dashboards and unify data using multiple systems using #datafabric . #ai will be an integral part of this solution in the future to measure #predictability and reach for the real world applications.

The “IDOX” framework was conceptualized & built in just 2 weeks using the power of #appian .

This brings to the end of this series which showcased 5 amazing solutions that we built in our Yexle Winter Hackathon 2023. Hope you found it useful and interesting. Feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions.