Land Registrachain

Raghava Prasad | VP - Offshore Delivery and Customer Success

In many parts of the world, land registration is time consuming, less traceable with little-to-no transparency & not much security. The solution that we built on #appian namely “Land Registrachain” integrated with #blockchain addresses these challenges.

The Land Registrachain solution used #appian and #blockchain which allows buyer and seller to complete the land registration process with or without any third party dealer. Land owner & probable qualified buyers can view the land details with required approvals. A buyer can request permission from the land registration office to view the land details and request for registration.

The request from the buyer / seller will be approved by L1 and L2 approvers to complete the land registration process. All the relevant documents required for the land registration are uploaded in "Land Registrachain" solution. The entire workflow will also be tracked for audit purpose using #blockchain. All the documents uploaded as the part of request will be stored in #blockchain & in #appian.

The application also allows the owners to update his/her land ownership details. All the changes will be tracked & traced using #blockchain.

Key elements used in #blockchain

  • Distributed ledger
  • Immutable records
  • Smart contracts
  • Distributed ledger

Salient features of "Land Registrachain" include:

  • Reducing spend on #capex and #opex .
  • Land Registration initialization
  • View User /Land / Request Details
  • Dashboards for different users
  • Google Map with Street View Integration
  • Document storage and secured information tracking
  • Audit History of Land ownership and Registration process

The whole solution was built in just 2 weeks using the power of #appian. This includes the time required for integrating with #blockchain as well.

Some of the other real-world use cases that we can build similar to this solution in #appian & #blockchain would be in the areas such as:


A blockchain-based digital identity system provides a unified, interoperable, and tamper-proof infrastructure with key benefits to enterprises, users, and IoT management systems. The solution protects against theft and provides individuals greater sovereignty over their data.


Insurance claims are prone to fraud and claim assessments can extend long periods of time. #appian & #blockchain can securely streamline data verification, claims processing, and disbursement, reducing processing time significantly.

#healthcare & #lifesciences :

#blockchain based healthcare solutions will enable faster, more efficient, and more secure medical data management and medical supply tracking. This could significantly improve patient care, facilitate the advancement to medical discoveries, and ensure the authenticity of drugs circulating global markets.


Existing global supply chains can be made more efficient & tracked better. #appian & #blockchain can facilitate accurate asset tracking, enhanced licensing of services, products, and software, and transparency into the provenance of consumer goods, from sourcing to the point of consumption.