Appian Solutions

Our Appian Solutions and accelerators come from real-life experiences, they are innovative, efficient and assist in significantly reducing time to market

AXM Framework

Assessment, Survey and User eXperience Management Solution


Scalable solution to configure workflow & activities without the need to code

Hyperautomation Solutions (Appian + AI)

Using Appian and AI, we create accelerators and intelligent case management solutions that are predictive, adaptive and assist in providing our customers actionable insights, and deeper intelligence

Message Analysis & Delay Compensation

Intelligently analyse incoming emails, integrate with aviation systems to manage delay compensations through automated case management

Smart Sell

Unify AI and Appian Case Management to gain insights, personalize marketing campaigns, win new business and improve Upselling & Cross-selling

Intelligent Contract Extraction for Review (ICER)

Appian and AI/ML powered extraction of words and clauses for contract review

Curriculum Vitae Intelligent Processor

Appian and AI/ML powered analysis of CV’s for recruitment

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